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(Ep)isode 1

(Ep)isode 1, an album by Alex Prezzano on Spotify

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(Ep)isode 1

Have you Heard (Ep)isode 1 by Alex Prezzano on #hearnow?

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As I begin down a new road in the never-ending journey that is music, I can’t help but look back at the path that brought me here.

One day in the early 2000s, I walked down a street near my childhood home with my best friend and first musical partner, Anthony. We were 13 and had only recently discovered punk rock. It was the time of our emergence from childhood, often creating maddening situations for our friends, family, teachers and music instructors. We were teenagers with guitars, big amps and microphones. Our path was altered that day as the sound of thundering drums pulled us toward an ordinary house, the home of Dave.

We started a band. We wrote songs and played shows. We chased a feeling that was never fully satisfied and that motivated us to keep moving forward. Then we got older. We went to college, got jobs, and stopped creating music together.

My road forked toward professional training, studying jazz and what would ultimately become my signature playing technique: classical guitar. I was still in college when gigging became wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours, corporate gigs, and semi-regular pit orchestra jobs throughout New England and New York.

But those performances, regardless of how satisfying or profitable, left a void. That feeling I felt as a teenager, of self-expression, telling the world that I was here.

So I have now returned to music as personal expression and have spent the past year recording music that reflects my self-discovery and view of the world.

The music I'm sharing isn’t a reflection of me; it simply is me. Thank you for listening.